Slow Look

Hope your weekend is going splendidly. I'm trying to eek out as much warmth this morning before braving the wet weather to take my son to football. And in a very common procrastination move, I've been taking a look around etsy. The current featured seller Gift Shop Brooklyn is really worth a slow look through. Love the metallic everywhere, really my cup of tea.

Thanks all for a lovely week, and hope your weekend is equally lovely too.

Special thanks goes to....

and to the lovely Sharalee from Escapade for letting me know that The Diversion Project has been mentioned in the June copy of Canadian House & Home.

And thanks to the lovely reader, Emily, who mentioned the Project!
V.excited about that!

{{hey, i'm noticing that alot of comments that i'm recieveing in email are not showing up on the blog - anyone had the same problem and know the qucik fix for it?? cheers}}

Images from Gift Shop Brooklyn


Designwali said...

So much lovely eye candy on your blog. thanks for sharing!

La Feem said...

These are so chic, I want one!

Congrats on the magazine mention, rad!


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