Delightful Discovery

How is this for a stunning slice of mid century architecture? This is a local beauty currently on the market, and I really need to get myself over there for a look. Only a few minutes from where I live, this place has really got me curious.

It was designed by Iwan Iwanoff, renowned in Perth for pushing the boundaries of his time, and creating homes that are full of light, timber and serious style.

But while looking through these images, and then more of other homes he designed here in Perth, a little thought started to brew in my brain. A lot of the window details in this home, and others, are identical to the details in the Splendour. Not common to find the size or the construction style around, so I kept looking further. The more I looked, the more curious I got.

As I haven't any details on the history of my new place, I've sent in a request to the local council to get the original plans pulled out of the archive.

Fingers crossed, I may have a delightful discovery!

Images from real estate


dustjacket said...

fingers & toes..okay a bit of kath & kim!

Loving this place Jules...stunning.

brismod said...

OMG. How cool would that be. I love the house above. WA has some real modernist gems. xxx

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