Sneak In

As if the cold wet weekend didn't bring enough pain, I was sent this amazing home in my inbox - just to mess with my pool-bereavement-head.

Apart from the stunning garden and pool, I really love all of the treatments used here. The crazy paving style slate floors that flow from outside in.

And another slice of craziness is the tiled finish on the external wall. What a clever idea. {Click on the last image for a closer look). I've often thought I'd like to try and sneak in a tiled wall somewhere - internal or external. I love the way it's unexpected outside of the bathroom, it really is cool.
 Images from contemporist


Glamour Drops said...

One of the most beautiful houses you have ever featured, I reckon. And that's saying something! The overhanging roof and fascia though is just so beautifully weighted, visually, against the rest of the house.

Julia said...

Tell me what is going on in the fourth photo - is that a fireplace in front of the window? Do you know what is behind that floating wall? Most interested in the structure of the room - the way it is light and cosy at the same time.

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