A Hunting

What I wouldn't give for that desk. OK. I probably wouldn't give a child, or the deeds to the Splendour, or my car....but, I would happily give a great deal to my hands on that desk.

I really need to spread out a bit more, and look at the size of that treasure. And apart from the proportions the clean lines are v.cool. 

OK, new target for the week found. A hunting we shall go.

Images from fri


Glamour Drops said...

A stunning piece of sculpture, but watch the knees on the legs! I bet there have been a few "ouches" involved.

Anonymous said...

That desk is gorgeous, maybe you could try a DIY? Find an old desk and use the top and drawers, and have someone make you some steel legs. Would be worth a go!

Anna (My Design Ethos)

Jules said...

Nice...good luck with the hunting!

La Feem said...

That desk is a total dream!! xo

Pinecone Camp said...

That desk is fab, but I really would love those floors!!

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