Finally Be

Hey kids, sorry for the absence. Been a pretty full on time of late. Work is its usual busy pace, but also my youngest man and I have been doing stints at the hospital every second day after a nasty burn accident last weekend. So time has not been my friend of late.

I braved the pool for a swim yesterday, to try and defrag after the week. Man it was cold! I'm going to force myself to have another today before a week of rain sets in.

It seems autumn must finally be here.

I've always loved these evocative images. Picturing these places in their hay day. Middle of summer, full of people, lying in the sun with bottles of coke.

{{Will try and get back on deck this week, and throw a few Diversions your way. Thanks for your patience. jules x}}

Images by J Bennett Fitts


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Burns are nasty. Hope things improve for you and your youngest man very soon.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

oh my goodness, Jules - so sorry to hear about you and your son. Hope you're healing up well - x

Pinecone Camp said...

I hope your young guy is well on the mend. Sounds like a stressful time. As for your fabulous post, I have a thing for old motels too. Love them. I think they're magical. take care Jules!

la la Lovely said...

Jules...hope your guy is doing better - poor thing! Loving all of the recent diversion....and Lord knows I sure could use some diversions lately.

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