Cool Twist

As far as  holiday homes go, this place is right up there in the style stakes. Not the usual miss mash of aunts' discarded dining suites or ancient bathrooms that have not seen a lick of paint in eons.

No, this place is the embodiement of casual style. Neutral palette with a fabulous dose of black, the odd antique (of the good kind!) and utilitarian style mixed with a dash of glamour.

The kitchen is a brilliant example of this. Steel framed units knocked together to serve a purpose, but oh so deliciously completed by slabs of marble. Such a cool twist.

Images from cote maison


Pinecone Camp said...

The bathroom is spectacular! I wouldn't mind those floors either. Great space.

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

I love these pics! Okay, maybe it's not the warmest, coziest place on the planet, but I love using something borderline cliched (the old skis) but making them look sculptural in this sparse, modern space.

classiq said...

The kitchen is definitely my favourite part of the house. And the gorgeous mirror in the last photo.

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