This Morning

Sorry I'm so late today. Event full weekend so far. A lovely long day trip to the country with some mates followed by an evening of eerie quiet, smoke and flashing lights. Coming home late from the country I found that the bush across the road from the Splendour had been on fire all afternoon. Road blocks were set up, and I had to ditch the car and walk home. I found my old border collie sitting by the pool watching down the drive waiting for me. Poor old fella, must have been quite an afternoon for him. There were fire trucks driving around till late in the night and every now and then you could hear a tree fall.

So it's been a slow morning, mostly pottering around Etsy, and trying to curb the buy now impulse. Internal chant something along the lines of {{must save for new roof, must save for new roof, must save for new roof}} on loop in my brain. But I thought I'd share a few of this morning's faves. Click on the images to go to the store.

Hope you're having a less event full weekend and possibly some serious relaxation or serious fun and games - whatever takes your fancy. Super special thanks this week goes to.......

Thanks Jo!


dustjacket said...

Can safely say mine has been a quieter weekend hon!! Hey, very cool shout out indeed.
ps liking that palm cushion, was just looking at a palm light-shade...must be thinking tropical hol's.

Eleni said...

Hope your weekend is peaceful and relaxing indeed! I mostly enjoy the sunny weather over here and the upcoming summer you are passing us over =)

Mise said...

Dear me. I hope it has all calmed down there now, some kind benefactor has shown up with a new roof, and you're browsing the web to spend your roof-savings on gala lights. Is that too much to hope?

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