Same Way

What a week, totally whacked. How about you - good, bad, bloody brilliant?
The latter I hope.

Still, no amount of over tiredness would stop me from noticing this v.cool pad. I swear, I'll never look at baked beans the same way again!

Love that.

Images by maia harms via refinery 29


A-M said...

Oh, the little bunny light! Love the bathroom too. Whacked. Late night with all the election excitement and then my mother rings at 6am, "did you just try to call me?".... NOOOOOO! So much for the post election sleep in! A-M xx

La Feem said...

My week was absolutely terrible! This house rocks. xo

Pinecone Camp said...

Last week was insane, but ok. This week is shaping up to be similar. ;)
Love this house and that bunny light is beyond cute.

Mrs. Sutton said...

Ooohh - I've seen this house before - I absolutely LOVE it! They're Brits living in New York, and they have totally managed to get that relaxed cool vibe with a bit of English eccentricity thrown in. They make it look SO effortless. Great blog btw!

classiq said...

A beautiful home. The right amount of traditional and modern.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Been quite a week for me too! Almost over!
These are beautiful examples. Each one better than the next!

kat @ dot dot dash said...

ooo, loving that bunny lamp and super gorgeous clock, lots of love for that!
x kat

Mise said...

Cherryblossom and stripes without descending to shabby chic: I do love that.

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