Bit Of Magic

This stunning Queenslander has had a bit of magic added to it don't you think? Actually, quite a big bit.

I'm really interested in the pool area. It's given me some v.cool ideas for the Splendour's pool area, if and when the budget runs to dealing with the cracking pebblecrete.

I love the smooth monolithic slabs of concrete used on the pool edge and how they extend out  capping style. Very important when you have two maniac boys in a pool! I'm not very keen on the usual bull nosing option of pool edge capping, but concrete slab? Well that's my idea of the perfect solution to keeping the wave action (and water) in the pool!

I also like the window that looks out over the pool. Planning on one of those myself, but need to find a solution to being able to view the pool from the family room, but screen out the McMansion on the elevated block behind us. This treatment seems like the perfect idea.

Taking notes.

Images from owen and vokes


Jules said...

The slab looks good I wonder how slippery it would get! Love the front verandah!

YHBHS said...

what a gorgeous home~

Kellie Collis said...

What a lovely house! I like how open it is to nature. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

brismod said...

Love Owen and Vokes' work. It's traditional at the front, party at the back. Very well done. xx

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