Some Rest

After three visits to the doctor, one visit to hospital, and five different antibiotics, the little Splendour family is in need of some rest.

Going to take a short break for the rest of the week.

Perhaps a good chance to go through the Diversionary archives? There's loads there to find.

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Kerry said...

That's not good to hear. I hope your little person or persons and/or you is/are much better very soon. Take it easy xx

LINDA from OEKE said...

Take care Jules .. hope the antibiotics do the trick and you are all back on your feet soon.

bestest wishes (-:

plaits and paisley said...

Get well soon! x

brismod said...

Take it easy! xx

Kim Grey said...

Wishing your family well.

Julienne said...

Jules I hope you are all feeling better soon. The weather is certainly conducive to curling up and relaxing! Julienne xxx

Ness Lockyer said...

I hope you all feel better soon. Take the time and look after yourselves. We will still be here.
Sending you some hugs ((((( xx)))))
Ness xx
Marley & Lockyer

PureLivingInteriors said...

Get well, soon! Take the time ... Looking forward when you're back
Best wishes!
Lysann x

La Feem said...

You poor thing! I wish you all a speedy recovery! xo

A-M said...

Oh dear, that does not sound good. Feet up and get better. A-M xx

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