Night Sky

Man, what a week. One of my guys is a rower, and let me tell you the 5am starts down at the river for training a couple of times a week takes its toll. I asked him this week if it was too late for a pony, but he wasn't interested.

Oh well, hopefully this weekend will provide me plenty of time purveying the night sky from the comfort of my bed.

These gorgeous charts though can bring the night sky inside any time of the day. The richness of contrast and the subtle tones are really something lovely. The giant chart in the first image would be heaven to live with, with its luminous glow.

All of these gorgeous pieces are available from Agent Gallery Chicago.

All images from agent gallery chicago

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plaits and paisley said...

Rowing and swimming, two killers sports, luckily it was gymnastics for us!
I love these charts, the night sky is so fascinating and mysterious.
Penny x

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