In Time

The casual chic of this home is something I'd love to achieve. Some people do it naturally and it shows.

I keep working on the theory that if you just keep/buy only things that you truly love, it will come. Not over night, but in time.

Images from bo bedre 


Kim Grey said...

I couldn't agree more. Over time, you find ways to mix each element of a home, to become a very personal expression.

I love the white outdoor lounge in this post. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny | Aubrey Road said...

omg love.

Helen@thestyleschedule said...

My mantra too - build it and they will come! I love that outdoor shaded/awning area. Lovely spot for a Pimms?

the old boathouse said...

I so agree but a bit of extra spending money to buy all the fab things I want wouldn't go astray. But I guess it is about patience too. Great pics :)

RamonaRode said...

I love that outdoor space! Your blog is great!

I'm trying to build up my home decor blog and would love it if you had a moment to check it out!


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