But For Now

How's the weekend going thus far? Hope it is sensational and you're getting to do everything you've been waiting all week for. This weekend at the Splendour mostly involves a few little must do's, and hopefully one or two would like to do's too.

Things are pretty slow during summer once the main requirements of the day are out of the way. Crazy plants that love the heat silently grow even crazier. Thongs are left by the back door and the house goes quiet, apart from the air conditioner.  All just waiting for the temperature and sun to drop just enough to head out to the pool.

A few things have evolved. Some new cushions just unpacked (still waiting for a proper home), a new light (mainly because it only requires a lampshade and not an electrician!), and a re-make of what was a weird office area off my bedroom which has been a dumping zone since we moved in. As I don't need a second office, and this room was en route to the en suite, I decided to turn it into a little dressing room space.

A chunk of time on the tools (yeah, just a screw driver really), and the most excruciatingly built in desk is gone. Making room to spread out some antique dressers in the space, and get excited about having a very girly spot in a very boy house. (Well, an all girl zone except for the little lamp with the yellow hat - funniest gift I've ever received!)

Hole filling and patch up painting and some more playing with things required - but for now I'm happy.

Speaking of happy - thanks so much to all the new people and the already loved (couldn't bear to call you old!) that have trotted through this week. It was a killer of a week. So glad to meet all the new peeps, and hope to see you round the joint regularly!

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dustjacket said...

hiya...love that red light and the landscapes behind it, they look a bit retro.

The lamp with the hat is pretty hysterical!

Have a great Sunday Jules xxx

Kerry said...

Splendiferous! I had a desk in my bedroom too...doesn't it fell fabulous when you say begone, and it is! That bentwood settee kills me :)

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

OMG, I love that little lamp!!!! Congrats on carving yourself a little personal space!
x KL

Julienne said...

A dressing room is a must!
I wonder why they were dropped from modern homes a walk in closet is NOT the same!!!!!!

brismod said...

I love your wild cushions and the snippets of your cool home, Jules. xx

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