Soft Landing

Well, I'm back from the beach and trying to resolve this battle in my head that my holiday lasted longer than a nano-second. Back at work too, so I will try and get myself back on deck around these parts very soon also.

One of the best bits about coming back to reality with a thud though is a few soft landings like this gem I found in my inbox from Freunde von Freunden. Gorgeous Paris space, which, puts me back on to thinking about holiday escapes yet again!

Images from freunde von freunden


David Toms said...

I was just thinking today that I have been back from vacation in Mexico for a week and it seems like an eternity

Julienne said...

Yesterday, I was so excited about leaving and spending 3 weeks with all the kids and their babies...Today I am back home! Did I leave at all? Where did the time go? Glad to see you back, xx

La Feem said...

This place is so dreamy, I wish it was my Paris getaway.

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