What If

I use Nearmap as part of work quite a lot, and there's nothing I love more than when there is an update to their images. I really like looking at the projects I'm working on and seeing their progression. But I also love looking at the 60's Splendour. Seeing the big old pool in the yard, surrounded by turf and the bushland across the road.

I was thinking today while floating around the pool - "man, what if there was a satellite going over right now!" So when I came inside to do a little online wandering I was instantly attracted to these great aerial photos by Bernhard Lang.  The colours and the action he's captured is wonderful.

I hope you're all having a sensational weekend, and thanks heaps for dropping in this week.

Super special thanks go to these special folk....

Larie @ Eye Heart It

Images by bernhard lang via yatzer


Julienne said...

What a horrifying thought!!!At least you can;t see individuals though I guess you can zoom in!!!! I know I have been missing for quite a while but I am back now only in a different spot so please come and visit again at onepinkchair.blogspot.com!
I have missed so much but it is good to see you still being highly diverting!!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...


Anzu said...

These aerial photos look great and are just pure fun!

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