This One

If some benevolent benefactor called me up today and said "Dining table. Hit me with it. What would you like - more than anything in the world? It's yours"

Today, I'd go with this one.

I have no deets on it, which is probably a good thing, as I would undoubtedly realise that it wasn't going to make it's way to the 60's Splendour anytime soon. (a functional kitchen is a little higher on the priority list!).

And of course everything else in this v. cool pad is so close to perfect. No joke.

Images from journal la maison


mise said...

Such lucky, talented people; they have just the right ratio of corners to roundness, and a sophistication I don't even aspire to achieve. I hope one day a table benefactor will show up at the Splendour and do some benefacting.

David Toms said...

Such complimentary starkness with the finishes and the ffurniture

heather jenkinson said...

Such a gorgeous post! That kitchen is *mindblowing*... I love it when designers use black to it's greatest effect. Brilliant work. I hope you're well and thriving, Jules. x

annechovie said...

Very chic, Jules! Hope you're well. xx

helen @TheStyleSchedule said...

Cool place...Whats behind that secret nook under the stairs?

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