Insanely Good

The quiet loveliness of this place did not go un-noticed by me, despite my knee-jerk concrete oggling.

The restrained palette not only in materials, but in colour choice, furnishings and art really present a united front.

The injection of that soft green into the main bedroom really gives the grey a lift. And well, that orange with the koi mural - just insanely good.
Images from inside home page


AmyeToTheRescue! said...

I love it too!

Kim Grey said...

What a beautiful home! I absolutely love the en suite, with those soft grey walls and huge bath tub.

Katrina - Dot Dot Dash said...

what an amazing home, love the simplicity of the spaces! great stairs! And great blog, will definitely be back x

A-M said...

The concrete makes it! Beautiful! A-M xx

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