Ticking Over

This place really appeals to me. From the colour scheme that reminds me of my last house, to the saturated colour in the accents, the miles of vintage coolness and the simplicity that shines through even though the house is well filled.

Now that is a clever trick. How to surround yourself in all the gorgeous things you desire, but still have an uncluttered look.

I'm very interested in that kitchen table though. Once we rip out a wall or three in the back of the 60's Splendour I'll be able to accommodate a much bigger dining table. And, as you do, I've already started looking. Top of my idea list is sourcing a cheap big solid timber table, maybe even of the not so pretty honey coloured pine variety, and getting it professionally painted with two part poly so that it's robust enough to handle our feeding times.

I was thinking black, but that white table has the mind cogs ticking over.

Images from bo bedre


brismod said...

I love that idea for your kitchen table. xx

Razmataz said...

Those long tables with chunky legs and simple boards on tops are very easy to make with supplies from your local build it store. You can then customize the dimensions.

Great house in this post. They have added walls in a very careful way. Even though the moldings don;t carry through in places, it looks really good.

Kerry said...

That kitchen is brilliant. Actually, it's all pretty lovely. Have a great weekend when you get there bloss x

Dustjacket Attic said...

I love the white table with the black chairs...good idea.

Really loving everything in this post, the chandeliers (you know me a little bling and I'm there)great use of colors and cool artworks. Fabulous!

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