Taking Notes

This home embodies a killer combo of all things I love. Seriously hoping the Splendour has a slice of this look when I'm done - with a very hefty dose of MCM as well. Could look awesome, or could look like a dog's breakfast.

I love the opulence of the bedroom and the clean sharp edges of the bathroom softened up with some very pretty venetian glass and a couple of cool baskets. Actually that bathroom right there is a perfect small scale definition of how to mix a few looks and get it right.

I'm taking notes.

Images from skeppsholmen


Leith said...

Wow, lots of inspiration here. Thanks. I am in the doldrums of a renovation, and this perked me up!

B.x said...

Hi Jules! You have a gorgeous blog - packed full of inspiration. I'm following!

claire said...

Love the top image. Those lounges are divine x

LINDA from OEKE said...

The 1st and 3rd shots look like they are from a completely different house (in terms of colour). But surprisingly, I like both colour combos. Great home Jules (-:

Pinecone Camp said...

Love the bathroom, and I want a kitchen nook too.

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