Far Away

Well, it's Friday here and I've made it through the week by the skin of my teeth. Why does the lead up to Christmas always have to be fraught with last minute projects and deadlines?!

So today - just some gorgeous images of a gorgeous far away place. Just to get me through.

Images of kenoa beach resort, brasil via yatzer


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh too funny jules...I was just looking at this shoot and saved the last shot. Yep it's holiday time and that looks like the place to be.

A-M said...

Love all the stone.... and love that last shot. Dreamy. A-M xx

Reed Davis said...

Uhmmmmmm exatly how far away is this place ......I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!

Kellie Collis said...

How fabulous! Is that an infinity pool? It's to die for! Have a lovely end of the week, Kellie xx

Pinecone Camp said...

Love the light streaks across the concrete wall in first image! All very pretty pics. Have a relaxing weekend!

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