Graduated Greys

Well, I finally succumbed. Not only to tiredness, but to bedding sales. I bought myself this gorgeous Inka linen by Aura. The graduated greys got me in.

But then, so did the price. I found these on sale at Brands Exclusive (and no, this is not a sponsored post!!). Just spreading the word that there's some Aura bargains a-foot. And I mean Bar-gaaain. But I think this sale ends today or tomorrow, so if you've been eyeing off some Aura, better get a move on. (if you're not signed up to BE, and want some sales action, let me know and I'll send you an invitation).

Hope everyone gets a little sleep in this weekend in some sharp new bed linen. And thanks so much to everyone for hanging in there with me over the house move, I'm chuffed that you have. Back to normal posting this week, and promise to keep an eye out for the people to thank next weekend.

Image from aura via poppytalk


KL said...

Bed linen + bargain = trouble! Yes please Jules, I'd love an invite to BE.
x KL

captain kk said...

Oh bed linen, my downfall! hey, I'm in Perth for long weekend if you'd like to catch up for coffee. I'm staying in west leederville.

Razmataz said...

That is gorgeous linen....I been enjoyed your house...

Pinecone Camp said...

I do love a bargain on bed linens. So blasted expensive, usually! Beautiful linens mon amie. Have a good sleep ;)

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