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Drop me a quick note if you can and leave me your sure-fire, hands-down, winning white shade, will you please? (and for northern hemisphere peeps, if you stick to dulux, I'll probably have a chance of getting it here quite easily). I'm looking for a clean white with soul; not clinical but not cream pretending to be white.

With what felt like acres of old carpet now in the skip bin, and one day left of scraping grime off the timber floors, I'm turning my mind forward to the blury sunday morning that is approaching me (yes, that would be the sunday before I return to work on monday!!) when I rush into the hardware store for white paint and mumble to myself "shit. which one?!"

Having never been a white person before, I would be oh so grateful for your tips! cheers


Sharon said...

Can you get Farrow & Ball paints? If so All White (2005) or Wimbourne White are both excellent and a greta texture. For me Dulux whites have too much hint of pink or yellow. Good luck:-)

Melinda said...

Hi Jules,

I chose Dulux Vivid White for inside my house. It is a pure white, with no undertones of any other colour... no cold clinical blue/grey undertones or warm pink/yellow undertones making it head towards cream.

Good luck!


A-M said...

I second the 'Vivid White', it's the whitest. If that's what you want. A-M xx

Jane said...

hi Jules we have Dulux Whisper White out the back - its very very white. Something with a bit more warmth is Antique White ? I think. Or American Antique? That is what we used in our sons bedroom. For much more creamy try half Magnolia.

And finally I am painting a room down at the beach in Chalk White -seems to be a good bright white with just a tiny bit of cream.

Go to your paint shop Dulux does a 'white' colour pamphlet with all their whites. Quite helpful.


Mimi said...

I too love vivid white, used it in a design assignment. Mimi xx

brismod said...

Jules, we just used the untinted Dulux wash and wear base white in a low sheen. Just buy over the counter. No thinking.

It's white but our floors are wood and our furniture is warm - it works well. And we used it paint the ceiling too, for a wrap around effect. It makes the walls appear taller.

Our trims we did in gloss. Same deal.

We like to break the rules. xx

Kerry said...

Hi Jules. I've just used Dulux Antique White USA on my living room and I'm really happy with it.

KL said...

I found Antique White USA and Magnolia very creamy. Natural White is my favourite modern white. It has some depth of tone and is not 'cold' (As opposed to Vivid White which is very stark and pure). Whisper White is nice too. You really need to get samples (brush - outs preferably) to see the difference between them and how they react to the light in your proposed space. No brainer if you just want to get & go? Natural White. (Ceilings and architraves quarter strength)
x KL

Gabrielle said...

I love the look of Antique White USA but we used Solver's Whitetone and I LOVE it! Very similar to Antique White USA, no undertones, just the perfect off-white! And I used Solver's Designer White for trims and ceiling, which is pretty much a necessity! Hope that helps!

the polish chick said...

sorry, all i can offer is home depot's behr in clear moon, but man, oh man, is it ever the most perfect white ever. it just glows. good luck!

Meta Musings said...

have you looked at donald kaufman whites? he has the most amazing tones. xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

I chose Wattyl smiley white for the outside and Wattyl B3 for the inside, am super happy with the results.

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