Low And Behold

I'm trying very hard to not succumb to any Diversions today. We've started packing. And if I get drawn away, I won't get back to it.

So I'm just popping in quickly to share a lovely diversion that I found last night. Freunde von Freunden is back online. And low and behold, right out the blocks, an interview with my all time hero-worship architect, Joseph Dirand.

I've shown you quite a few pieces of his work, including his apartment and the gorgeous fit out at Balmain. And so now here's a nice little peek into the man himself. Nicely shot and cool tunes, it's a good little watch.

The empty boxes in the corner are beginning to mock me, must get back to it.

Freunde von Freunden - Joseph Dirand from Freunde von Freunden on Vimeo.


Kerry said...

All kinds of delish! Now get back to that packing :)

KL said...

The man is my god! Thank you so much for sharing this vid!
x KL

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