A Little While

I just loved this image, and it was most useful. Reminded me to do something I seem to be forgetting to do this weekend.

Eight days away from the move and we're in that no where land of a half packed house and not enough utensils. Oh well, we'll pull through no doubt!

Apologies for having no idea of who to thank this week. I'm assuming a few people popped in here, but I haven't been keeping track. So, thank you.

I'm going to sign off from here for a little while, until we're in the 60's Splendour and I have connection sorted. I'm going to cancel the papers, fill up the bird feeder, and leave a few posts (fast, dirty and Tumblr style) on auto feed though just in case someone wanders through for a Diversion or two. Take care this week.

Image from olive juuuice


shu84 said...

nice blog:) follow u:)


Kerry said...

Wishing you the easiest of moves bloss, and I look forward to seeing the splendour in all its glory :)
Take care while journeying xx

brismod said...

Moving to 60s splendour sounds like a good excuse for a break. Hope it is smooth sailing, Jules. xx

RupertStreetDigest said...

Great photo! Hope you do remember to eat. Thinking of you in the midst of all your preparations. Can't wait until you are close by again. If you have time for a coffee over the weekend, give me a shout. Lx

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