Spring was here, spring was here. But suddenly it has gone again. September can be fickle that way.

But I'm crossing my fingers that it comes back in time for our house move. And not a minute too soon.

These images are helping me hold out hope that warmth, green and sun will be ours again. The feel in these spaces is so relaxed and open, with loads of white and greenery.

Images: stylist mikael beckman via söderberg agentur


David Toms said...

September is fickle here in the other direction! Cold and wet or warm. Good luck with the move!

Blue Fruit said...

Oh, you are having nuts weather in the west too then? Spring in Melbourne is crazy...all the blossom came out, then got whipped off the trees by the wind in no time...now it is cold again..but sunny...

The top image is wonderful. Love that coffee table thing in timber, perhaps? Or maybe leather?

Amanda Hill said...

Wishing you warm thoughts :)

Pinecone Camp said...

Spring is fickle here too, but a Vancouver summer can be just as fickle too! Love the shot looking out at the back yard. so pretty and inviting! Now I have more of your posts to read - must catch up!

melissa loves said...

Gorgeous....I love all the green and white and light! :) I am excited for you and your move, hunnie! I hope the weather shines on you! :)

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