Always Admired

The glazed tiles in this place are gems. I love the patternation of each type, and the colours feel so cool and soft.

A friend has tiled the walls of an external courtyard of the their house and I've always admired it. And seeing this tiled bedroom wall reminded me of that little seed in the back of my mind to one day use tiles somewhere other than the bathroom and kitchen. Have you done that? Would love to see if you have.

Images from welcome beyond


Dustjacket Attic said...

I really love the tiles in the bedroom...who'd have thought!

Can you just transport me to #3 please.

Pinecone Camp said...

I've never seen tiles in the bedroom, but I'm liking it! That's a great looking bedroom.

Sarah Klassen said...

Good afternoon, Jules,

I have not, but love these examples that you show... I could quite easily live in these spaces, indoors and out! I think using tile in different ways could bring a new dimension to a space, bathroom, bedroom, den even.

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.
xx, Sarah

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