Turned Good

So much to love here, I hardly know where to start. So let's roll this out fast and dirty.
  •  Vintage lights galore, from nymph like loveliness, to MCM, to industrial. Wow.
  •  Black pantons - always so sexy and so v.cool
  • Vintage cupboard turned good in a modern black bathroom
  • Clever link between two vintage cupboards in the baby's room
  • Orange smeg. Nuff said.
But, I think the thing that's really knocked me for six is that kitchen. Undressed timber, meets thick terrazzo, meats leather handles. How brilliant is that.

Images from inside home page


A-M said...

You seriously do find the best places in the universe. I LOVE that kitchen... lights, exposed brick, LEATHER handles... fabulous! The little cot is cute too! A-M xx

La Feem said...

What a great place, that kitchen rocks, love the fridge!

Amanda Hill said...

The sconce on the chalk board rocked my day!

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