The Play List

I'm a massive fan of timber, love it loads. But when I really love it best is when it's teamed up with some design classics like this gorgeous home.

The play list reads like a who's who. The light airiness of the Bertoia in a heavy building, the steel Navy stools in the natural and white tone kitchen, and Tulips galore. So much loveliness, but in this space, doesn't even seem to border on pretension.

But I think my favourite detail of cutting edge design meets old, is the "I" beam frame that the lovely slipper tub is sitting on. Too good.

Images from cote maison


Ana Degenaar said...

That is perfection and it is killing me!

Pinecone Camp said...

You really do find some fab places! I'm with you on your love for timber, and I love the whole mix of everything going on in this place. Absolutely beautiful.

David Toms said...

I do so agree with you Jules! Timber takes on a whole new meaning when teamed with modern classics!

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