Lived It

You know, I was once (and perhaps still am at times) a geek-a-fied high school girl who walked to the local YMCA two nights a week after school to play badminton with my best mate. Lived it, loved it.

So there was a twinge of recognition, a spark of solidarity, when I locked eyes on these shuttlecock pieces. I mean, does it get cooler. Not much. Take a look at Mirit Weinstock.

Hope every one's had a brilliant week and thanks as always for popping in, really love that you do.

And extra special thanks this week to .....

Roséline @ {this is glamorous}

Sarah @ Lil Hoot

and belated thanks to

Naomi @ Design Manifest.

{{and no thanks what-so-ever goes to blogger for messing with the posting page again and now making it almost impossible to post. If this page stays totally munted there may be very few Diversions this week. Truly testing my saint like patience it is!}}

Images from mirit weinstock

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east of hudson said...

That's a great little story! Beautiful, beautiful pieces too x

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