For Savouring

I really liked this v. cool day bed idea. Is there nothing that you can't do with a pallet these days? But it does look good doesn't it. The steel pipe and flange sides are a good look. Go here for a bit of weekend DIY action.

{{But one word of advice, I would suggest some cross bracing of these babies as well as the bolt together idea shown in the how to. Or maybe even a few threaded rods through both pallets - end to end. Yeah, OK sorry, will take my work hat off now and stop directing ppl how to build!}}

Thanks all so much for savouring a Diversion or two, and big time thanks to this lovely lot.....

Gabrielle @ Savvy Home


Images from prudent baby


A-M said...

... and so practical. You could move that baby anywhere! A-M xx

Sarah B said...

It looks great, especially with those sticky-up bits at the end and the industrial roller feet.
Have a lovely Sunday!

brismod said...

That's a cool and very comfy looking day bed. Are you contemplating a DIY after the one you had your eye on got away? xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

I was thinking how nice it would be to laze around on that comfy day bed. Just load that coffee table up with food and wine and I'm there.

melissa loves said...

For savoring for sure......I would love to make two of these babies and put them end to end for my eldest gal's bedroom. Perfect, no? I sure do love your finds, sweet mate. Why oh why do you live so very far away from me? ;)

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