Better Than Best

I'm amassing a vast quantity of images in my I've-just-bought-a-sixties-place-with-picture-windows-and-a-big-old-school-rectangle-pool file. Seriously, heaps.

But it's helped me realise one of the best things about signing on the dotted line. My neo-classical French thing, my vintage log cabin thing, my cottage charm thing...all those things can finally be put to bed. Well, at least until the next purchase!

But the better than best thing, I'm really digging this look. (if only the bricks + mortar looked quite this good right now! oh well, one mission brown & orange light pendant at a time)

Images from jamie bush


Raina Cox said...

Have you visited the Obsessilicious blog? He always has amazing MCM interiors:


Ana Degenaar said...

I am day-dreaming!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Ahh the dreaded mission brown...my dad was obsessed with that when i was young...yuk.

Loving the shots here (have not forgotten to email you mine....when I take them lol)

Celeste - The Rural Socialite said...

This is great! There is an amazing 60s home for sale in our town that's been on the market FOREVER and I can see the potential... alas, my husband can only see the shag carpet! :)

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

The bedroom in the first picture is such a beauty.

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