So Saturday

So, it's Saturday, it's cold, and I'm sick. The best cure - a bit of vicarious glamour via The Coveteur.

These lovely shots were just what the doctor ordered. And excuse me, but just how stunning are those marble tiles?

All images from the coveteur


Mimi said...

That Velvet Jacket is devine, I just love the colour. Mimi xx

Karena said...

Would you believe I have a velvet jacket that same color. Of course it is now hot & humid here!

Feel better soon!

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Art by Karena

La Boheme said...

Oh yes a perfect medicine! The tile is great and how about the large tub? Hmmm. Hope you are feeling better soon! xoxo

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I was thinking bugger the tiles look at the jacket and that brown purse...ha ha

Hey hon, not good that you are still under the weather. Hope you pick up soon.


Pinecone Camp said...

I'm sorry you're feeling punk! Hope you feel better soon.
I love those tiles and I also quite love the shoes. Pretty post.

24 Corners said...

I'm a sucker for peacock blue velvet anything...love the jacket!
Feel better soon...
xo J~

La Feem said...

I love it all. I hope you feel better soon! xo

A Room For Everyone said...

The marble tiles are gorgeous and the clothes are very cool. It's very cold here too. It's nice going to preschool when it's 1 degree.. Rachaelxx

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