Current State

One of the houses that is on my short list has a restricted narrow spot for a fridge in its kitchen. And as any house I am likely to buy will be staying in its current state for many moons to come, I was wondering about that fridge spot. Crazy how a small thing like that can stick in your mind when dwelling over such a major purchase isn't it?! Or is that just me and my current set of neuroses???

Anyway, the cream half and half Smeg came to mind, and I'm loving seeing it in this house. Problem solved. Now if only there was an outdoor-spa-with-killer-view issue to solve.

Images from bonytt


Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

so many things here to look at - the ornately engraved brass tray against the stainless range, the bedside "table (what are those -boxes?), that fantastic carved, rush-seated settee - these images are going into THAT file!

Blue Fruit said...

Oh yes, those Smeg fridges are incredible. If they weren't so jolly expensive, I reckon they would turn up everywhere. I have long lusted after one, so when you get yours I will be jealous, jealous, jealous!

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