Get To Like

I'm late, I'm late.

You know, I always admire people that can pull off this all white all the time look. Visually I really enjoy it, but as I type and walk around the house with a duster in hand getting ready for a mid week home open {yeah, love those}, I know that I couldn't pull it off.

But the main reason I saved this one was that first image. You know me + shiny things. And that is one oven I could probably get to like!

Images from fri


Tracey said...

Loving the white.


Designwali said...

i like shiny things too...thanks for sharing.

David Toms said...

The moose and the chocolate brown sofa against the white have me!

Claudia Lane said...

ditto what David said. Love that look :))

La Feem said...

I LOVE this but your right, it would take a lot of dusting...xo

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