Here are a few quick shots of where I spent Easter. This is a sensational spot north of Carnarvon in my state of Western Australia that friends have set up on their station for tourism. People head up to this remote location for the fishing and surfing and camp all over the place in palm frond humpies and tents etc. There are a couple of resident families there, one of which has set up a little beach shack shop with awnings that you sit under and look out at the ocean while drinking the most insanely good mango smoothies.

I took my boys and one of their friends up there to join with some very close friends and other assorted all round great company, to stay in the five eco tents that are permanently set up. Think timber floors, real beds and even a bathroom!

Spectacular views aren't they? And as for boys own adventures, the place really turned on the fun. The kitchen tent got raided by wild goats who managed to eat most of our hot cross buns, a tourist got attacked by a shark (by doing something really stupid!) and there were camp fires, 4wd'ing through the sand dunes and snorkeling.

Well worth the 13 hour drive (yes, it's a bloody big State)! We then headed to our close friends' station for the night on the way back. (Station = big farm in the outback. Think Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, but with more flies and slightly less make up). Red dirt, roos and, since there have been cyclones and flooding in the region, gazillions of little frogs.

Still unwinding from the drive, but wow, so glad we went.


Kerry said...

It looks wonderful Jules. I think even I'd be inclined to 'camp' like that :) Glad you got some down time and most importantly got there and back safely. Bloody big state indeed!

Jane said...

That looks amazing and a long drive too! Love that Indian Ocean it just looks so vast and empty .xo

Dustjacket Attic said...

Awh sounds the best Jules, loving that view girl!

A Room For Everyone said...

That looks like heaven to me. I can just imagine how it sounds and feels! Glad you had a good break..Rachaelxx

Kendall said...

Wow!! What a view! Hope it was fun and relaxing.

claire said...

This looks amazing! Luxury camping never looked better x

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