Special One

Loved the scale of the art in this place. From the unique and vintage, to the old and precious, it's all pretty fabulous to my way of thinking.

I'm heading off today for a sojourn to the beach, but first a ten hour drive ensues. I actually live like 5 minutes from the beach, but the one we're heading to is a pretty special one up north. Portable DVD players and green tea bags are packed, and off we go.

There are plenty of gorgeous houses all lined up for you to see while I'm away, so please do drop by. I'll be back next Wednesday and will show you some gorgeous sites from northern WA.

Hope everyone has a really lovely Easter weekend with friends and family.

Images from patrick davis design via plastolux


Amanda Hill said...

I just came across your blog...saw your Alt button, I went too! So fantastic! Great Blog!

LINDA from OEKE said...

Hope the 10hr drive beach is far more beautiful & relaxing than the 5min drive beach. Gotta love holidays. Hope you have fun.

Oh, and re: this artwork. Don't think I could handle the 3 x heads - but the rest looks pretty darn good (-:

Kerry said...

Travel safely bloss. And relax :)

David Toms said...

Have fun Jules. I do envy you going to the beach especially when it is so cold and wet here. looking forward to my trip back home to Oz in November and of course lots of beach

Blue Fruit said...

Always love me some industrial art. Although I agree with Linda about the heads ~ too scary for me! Rest, yep, very nice.

Have a wonderful trip ~ change of scene is always a wonderful change of perspective!

Kendall said...

It's a beautiful home. Are those doll heads in that niche? :)

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