What I wouldn't give for that display cabinet in the first image. Or this house for that matter.

{But, I really should seek help for my vintage obsession. Guess who won two cane chairs}

Love the concrete {you knew I was going to say that now didn't you!} and the natural setting. The scale of the rooms, the stunning kitchen with its opalescent tiles glimmering away, and the wake up and dive in  pool are all stuff that dreams are made of.

Images from charleston home magazine


Angela Steyn said...

I agree... just beautiful! I also love the concrete - I'm really into commercial finishes at the moment.

Angela x

Amanda said...

I can join you with your vintage obsession. And the concrete too. I'd hate you to feel you were alone with your 'problems'!
Gorgeous house. All that natural light amongst the concrete and high stud.

David Toms said...

The bedroom is my pick! oh and the display cabinet and.... oh what the heck, just give me the house!

Bromeliad said...

Nice nice nice.

melissa loves said...

Have I mentioned lately that I adore you? No? Well, I do...and I have been away from this lovely place far too long. I was starting to go through withdrawal! :) I love that cabinet too....and that bedroom view...and those palms, and that wide open living room,and those blue vases and....I love it all. Love that you won some cane chairs and am going to pray to the real estate gods for you. :)

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