Lest We Forget

{A triptych with a message this Anzac Day. Click on the image for details, the words are particularly lovely}
1. Anzac fly over, 2. Anzac, 3. Anzac Day service


A Room For Everyone said...

That's wonderful Jules..a fitting tribute. Rachaelxx

Blue Fruit said...

Just beautiful. And humbling.

Pinecone Camp said...

That's lovely. It's still Sunday here, but we plan to do a little something for Anzac day tomorrow. Beautiful images.

La Feem said...

Just learned about this last night from an Aussie girl.

Hope you're well! xo

vosges paris said...

Hello Jules
I never heard of Anzac day... I should google ;) hope you had a great eastern weekend.
sorry I am such a bad follower

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