Too Bad

I know there are people around that abhor a "pop of colour". Well, too bad.

Although I cringe a little at the term, when faced with an example like this home above, I really like the results. The bites of citrus are gorgeous.

And as for painting with chalkboard paint being over, when I looked at the image above, I thought "not by a long mile".

Images by elsa young


Blue Fruit said...

Well Jules I am going to unfashionable, because I always have, and always will, love a "pop of colour".

Caveat applies though: it has to be done well, as it is in all of your examples. Just a touch, with either lots of white or lots of dark grey/black, and it is a mighty thing.

Jane said...

Pop away, I say! Jane @ the girl in the brick house.

First House on the Right said...

Have to say I agree too :) Pop of colour describes perfectly what it is. Just that. What a gorgeous space this is. Nicolex

Jenny said...

Works for me too including the chalk wall. ;-)

mise said...

Just thought I'd pop in and pop a comment in the box to the effect that this is a lovely home - there's an element of complexity or intricacy to it that means that the brigher colour accents aren't at all blatant. I'm just popping away again now.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I'd like to think people hate the phrase more than the idea of hints of color.

Maybe we should think of a new phrase?

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful imagery. Don't know which pic I like more, but with 2 young boys, color in the home is definitely your best friend. The deeper and richer, the better.

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