Especially Nice

I'm off for a spot of road tripping today with my mate Laura {who btw is a super talented artist and has just started a blog called Rupert Street Digest - please go check her out}.

Hopefully there'll be galleries, vintage shops, cafes and fresh country air galore on our road trip and a few badly sung power ballads thrown in for good measure too.

Hope you're having an especially nice weekend, and thanks so much for dropping in over the last week.

Special thanks this week for these v. kind mentions.....

Jenny @ Aubrey Road

Kerry @ A Tranquil Townhouse for a double dose

Carole @ Dear Designer

Image from anna wolf


Sarah B said...

That sounds like so much fune Jules! Have a great time. I'll be sure to check out your friend's blog :)

Mimi said...

Have a fun time! I will go straight to your friends blog. Mimi x

Dustjacket Attic said...

Aww sounds just my cup of tea :o
xxx DJ
Ps So did you sing "Don't want to Miss a thing" by Aerosmith and you'd have to sing "I was made for lovin' you" by Kiss right, lol.

Dustjacket Attic said...

pps how unAustralian I forgot ACDC give "Highway to Hell" a shot:)

Jenny | Aubrey Road said...

have a great trip!

Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful time right now on your road trip— filled with good times and great finds :)


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