Clip Spots

Really liked the way this open space has been carved up. The use of pods in the otherwise open space has enabled the best of both worlds.

Large scale open loft-like living zones, and smaller but beautifully functional zones for sleeping, cooking, bathing.

Apart from the clever use of space, I instantly loved this place because, well, anyone who has that kind of soft spot for Tolomeo Clip Spots is OK by me.

Images from donna moderna


Razmataz said...

Very clever use of space. I shall make a mental copy of that.

Ann said...

White on white is cool, makes the space look bigger, lighter, and relaxed ♥

Bromeliad said...

Sigh. Sunlight. Haven't seen that in awhile.

La Feem said...

It's gorgeous, such a smart design. xo

Interieurarchitect rik alkema said...

I'm the architect and also the owner. Many thanks for all comments. I didn't know my project is on this blog. Look for more on my website www.ontwerpplaats.nl and my blog.

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