Mixed With

Black, white and a sliver of natural earthiness is a beautiful thing is it not?

I know a few of these images have done the rounds once or twice, or maybe even thrice, but I just sighed when I stumbled across them again in my cavernous files so I thought what the heck, no such thing as ''too much of a good thing'' is there!

That desk image is responsible I think for my little art collection I've got going on. Love the softness of that vintage oil mixed with industrial chic. V.cool.

Images from david prince


Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Love the graphic clean lines mixed with the moody landscapes, great contrast! Happy Valentines day, Jules!

Bromeliad said...

You're reminding me I need a bit more artwork going on.

quintessence said...

Love seeing these and also love that eclectic mix. Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day as well!!

mise said...

I love the coffee table - it looks like a swanky cattle-grille with bespoke legs.

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