The Task

I love natural timber, and struggle regularly with my love of timber and contemporary. Trying not to overdo the balance in one direction or another.

The blue painted backs of the china cupboards and the task lighting are two things that I particularly love. But the wood finishes are the winner by a long mile. Makes me want to bust out the orange oil and start polishing. {btw, if you want a natural looking oil finish for dry hungry timber, that oil is the best thing I've ever used}

Images by hans zeegers


paula said...

this place is such a dream. I want to live there.

Splendid Willow said...

What lovely images, Jules! I agree with Paula. I wouldn't mind living there either.

Had to look again at the cabinet with the blue back panels, did not quite know what you were talking about. But now I do - what a great effect!

ox, Mon

A-M said...

Positively delicious. Timber is the bomb. A-M xx

Diana Mieczan said...

This place looks amazing:)
Happy Monday my dear

mise said...

You have expensive tastes, Jules - there's always something about the élite gentleman's club about the looks you like best, and with a delicate modern touch, as though within one generation they'll be timeless.

Amy R. said...

Lovely pics. I want the vintage Louie!!

Amy R.

Brandi said...

Do you think you can overdo wood? I always thought that'd be impossible with natural materials. But I agree with you -- a balance does really let each shine. I'm particularly smitten with the stainless steel kitchen with the wood table.

Dustjacket Attic said...

So orange oil would be good for a 100yr old rustic table...I really need to put something on it..don't want it to crumble to bits.

I just love everything about that bathroom...everything.

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