No Hurry

Here is the up-front disclaimer. I love my children, I do. I adore them.

But don't you ever just look at a quietly elegant space like this and dream of a little peaceful life sans enfants?? Me too. Just for a little bit, then I'd be looking for entertainment.

This peacefully pulled together look may have to wait until my two are all grown up and flown the nest, but it's timeless so there's no hurry.

Images from christian grevstad


Anonymous said...

Love the orange!

Kerry said...

Good luck with that Jules. They grow up, fly the nest...and then come back!! Hopefully with champagne :)

Georgie said...

Agree entirely... before I read your comment, I was already admiring the coffee table with all its ornaments and the lounge with those gorgeous silk cushions thinking... one day, when I'm 50 plus and an empty-nester.

Julienne said...

The trouble is it's all too perfect without them!

...and Kerry, yes they come home with the champagne now!!!!!!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I feel calm just looking at these rooms, amazing.

Bromeliad said...

It is so peaceful looking, especially that bedroom.

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