A Little Spot Of

I love the styling of this blue + white shoot. It's so far from the traditional blue + white china type shots - and I like that. You know. Also the fact that there is some kind of alcohol in nearly every shot is a winner too after the week I've had!

Many, many thanks to one and all for a lovely week, and even though I'm still not over this rotten flu, I hope you've enjoyed a few things I managed to find to show you this week.

Particular thanks go to these special lovelies for some special + lovely link love this week....

Sharalee @ escapade

and uber special thanks to Ally @ From The Right Bank for having me over for a little spot of guest blogging, and to all you v.cool chicks who dropped by with tuna sandwiches. Made my day.

Images by edo kars


Jane said...

I like it too.

I have the concoction for you. I did a post on it but here is the recipe. Boil some water, and put some lemon and honey in it stir until melted. Then you can EITHER add rum or brandy, drink and pass out OR not use the honey, and just add lemon, chopped garlic and ginger and some chopped chilli to the hot water, let it steep then drink. This will blow your flu into the Indian Ocean.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey honey, here to catch up on one of my best mates posts :)

Not good that you are still under the weather, flu's are pretty fierce this year.

What an intriguing set, yes the alcohol would not go astray!!!

Okay off to check out your guest post.

xxxxx DJ

Kerry said...

Hope next week has you back on all six cylinders bloss. Love that pagoda thingy in the last shot!

Amanda said...

Well I for one have just had a lovely catchup on all the beautiful homes you've posted about. So sorry to hear that nasty flu is still hanging about, and hope you're back on your feet this week. xx
P.S A little medicinal alcohol is fine surely?

24 Corners said...

AAhhh! I haven't been by for a few days and first off I find that you're sick (so sorry) and second, that you've posted so many amazing images! Each one I was drooling over. This particular post looks like "a spot of - pretty", love the dark backgrounds with the bright blue and the flowers.

So here's my go to, get better cure:
Copious amounts of Echinacea tea and...here's the killer, rosemary bread coated with raw chopped garlic that's soaked in olive oil for a minute or so...slather it on the bread, chunks and all, and enjoy (salt & pepper if needed). Viruses and bacteria beware (as well as close friends and family)! It really works when you first start feeling ill...if your tummy isn't holding things down just yet...maybe start off with just the tea.

Feel better soon...
xo J~

Splenderosa said...

Awesome. That's what this post is.
I LOVE the 2nd photo with the grapes. I have a collection of antique blue & white so now I've some new inspirations. The flu, etc
this year is especially hateful. Stay in, take your meds, don't go back to work until you are cured.

aud* said...

I love the second picture too! they are like still life paintings: i like the combinaison of the blue/white and dark background!
a lot of hot tea and lemon :) take care

quintessence said...

What a fabulous shoot!! And as you point out, so beautifully styled as well - I'm a sucker for blue and white to begin with so this is just so up my alley. Hope you're feeling better!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Love these graphic shots and so hope you are feeling better!! xo

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