Let There Be Light

''Let there be light''; I say ''let there be natural light''. And this home has it in bucket loads.

I love the scale of the windows in this home. But with these kind of views, you can see why the windows were a priority in the design.

Images from christian grevstad


brismod said...

That's a completely gorgeous home. Love natural light. x

Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit said...

With a view like that...wow...almost anything would be beautiful, but this quiet design really respects it .

David Toms said...

I love this house and all the light that fills it!

Lady Grey said...

wow, is that ever gorgeous! The candle "chandelier" is stunning, oh and that great big window - breathtaking!

Sarah Klassen said...

Incredibly luxurious in space and design... I want to be there right now, with my computer and coffee.

Hope your weekend was wonderful,

La Feem said...

So gorgeous with such beautiful light!!! xo

Bromeliad said...

I would never leave home.

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