Cleverly Preserved

The scale of this loft is very cleverly preserved by the white on white approach that's been taken here. Sometimes the very essence of an amazing loft, the scale and the vast openness gets clouded by the clutter that everyday life brings in.

However here, the owners of this loft have managed to have their cake and eat it too. The clutter is here, but the scale is still clearly evident. The white floors, walls, and architectural details provide a strong visual pull.

Images from mi casa


Diana Mieczan said...

If I ever move again I would love to get a loft like this one. LOve the open space and what a great idea to paint those huge windows in a dark colour.
Have a great Friday,sweetie
I hope your week was lovely:)

Mandy said...

Very nice !!!

Anzu said...

I love this, and I also want the leopard chair from your last post!

LifestyleBohemia said...

Amazing space! I love the high ceilings and beams.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So, so beautiful, warm and serene. Love the coziness of some of the casual or suggested walls....lovely. I hope you have a rip roaring good time this weekend darlin!

Sarah Klassen said...

Quite! What a beautiful home this is... I would be quite happy to live there -- as you mentioned, it's so open but lovely :)

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