Cleverly Considered

This evocative home is seriously stylish. From the architectural detailing that is brilliantly restored and preserved, through to the modern elements that sit quietly in the space, everything seems cleverly considered.

I have to own up to the fact that it took me a while to recognise the kitchen. The industrial task lighting and the pared back surfaces disguise the purpose of the room. And for someone that probably values glamour more than cooking, I love that.

Images from matteo piazza


Eleni said...

Is the kitchen the one in the third photo? I would never have guessed! This place is a very interestic mix of classic and modern! I love the natural colors!

David Toms said...

Jules, ever since I started following your blog, I have always been impressed with your choices and have swooned over many of them. However I will have to say that the interior you have shown above tops everything I have seen n your blog so far! This one is going to be very hard to top in my book! Thankyou!

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