My Life Is An Open Book

Well today is my turn to do a post in Beth's fabulous Blog Crawl. I take the baton over from Katie @ Katie Michelle, and pass it on in turn tomorrow to Danielle @ Elleinad Spir. Two great blogs you should definitely go check out.

OK, so, the blog crawl is all about me. OK, well not so much me, but each writer's life, the title being "My Life Is An Open Book", which you know I find kind of challenging. My whole reason for writing a blog is design and design alone; love it, live it, breath it. And when it comes to talking about "me", well, I'm not such a natural. So that's why I thought I should do this blog crawl.

Are you like that too? That kind of person who says, "you know what, I know I can't drive, so really I should just go out and buy a Hummer and get behind the wheel and take it for a spin". Good. Glad I'm not alone on that.

The Author: I'm blonde and I like tea. But OK, so I'm not Lady Penelope (despite how hard I have wished it was so). I'm 41 and do not have a chauffeur, but I am blonde! I'm a single parent to two brilliant boys, with a busy career in a landscape architecture firm, and I find the old work/life balance a daily challenge. I am a time poor weekend warrior when it comes to blogging, but find it is a great escape. And man, I'd have my nose in some design website on weekends anyway - why not put it to use!

The Setting: I feel incredibly lucky to live in Australia. The beaches, the relaxed lifestyle and the freedom we have are things that can be taken for granted, so I like to remind myself often that we really do live in an amazing country. And my particular little neck of the woods is right on the coast and is full of history and creative people. Couldn't ask for more than that.

The Characters: The two constant loves of my life are my boys, 9 and 12. Such great characters and very different in their personalities. Between them both they have every aspect covered and I'm learning a lot.

The Plot: The plot is one that takes a few twists and turns. From the wine industry, to an interstate move to become a farmer's wife, to a single city life with children and a career. I love where the twists and turns have brought me and firmly believe that everything has happened for a reason.

The Twist: Who knows. The big lesson I've learnt on the way is that anything is possible. Despite some of the huge changes I've experienced in my past I believe the biggest and best twist is still to come. And I'm kind of excited.

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Diana Mieczan said...

I love your story and your boys are adorable:)
I also have a hard time balancing it all...Thanks for this amazing story...Loved getting to know you more:)

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful GIVEAWAY today...I hope you will join in:)

Kerry said...

I was half way through writing you a comment when my laptop decided to shut itself down....grrr! What was I saying? Oh yes, so, so glad you did this. You're clever, witty and oh so nice. Your boys look like wonderful kids and I have to tell you, from experience, it really does only get better! Well done bloss :)xx

Kerri said...

Are you sure you're not a professional writer, posing as a landscaper? Such an eloquent and thoughtful post sweet, and I loved reading more about you. You could be the poster girl for strong, resilient women, and with such a wonderful outlook to boot. And those boys of yours look like wonderful kids, but with a such a great role model that's no surprise! K xx

Looking Glass said...

Nice to find out a little more about you :-)

~ Clare x

Mlle Paradis said...

i'm with kerri - love your writing too. love the fact that you admit it's not always a breeze and frankly think that it's harder because you have high expectations of yourself (and maybe others). but the fact of the high expectations means that whatever you produce: gardens, boys, blogs will always stand out frm the crowd and shine with a brighter light. cheers Jules - job well done!


Oh sweetie I just LOVED getting to learn more about u!!! Don't you love this blog crawl? Your boys are beautiful and your story is so interesting!

Hope you're having a good week, darlin! xoxo

La Feem said...

Love your story, it's super fun to learn more about you, you're one of my favorites!!! Your talent is immense, whatever you want to do you can for sure. Your boys are gorgeous and I'm excited to see where this blog takes you......xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yippee! SO happy to learn more about you hun! And of course it just makes me adore you even more! Those boys...they are just so adorable! So happy they & my girls are getting married! ;) Okay...so now? I want MORE, more about you & all the particulars. Cough it up my friend! :)

captain kk said...

what an amazing life you've lived! love this post & getting a little insight in to your world :) x captn

Sarah Klassen said...

Okay, this is wonderful -- I truly enjoyed finding out more about you. Your blog is certainly one of my favorites, and little insights into who you are and your life all make sense now... your career sounds amazing, and your boys are just so cute! Thanks for opening up about it all, I had to do the same for an interview, and took me probably the longest any post has!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh the dudes are so cute...is that motorcross I spy and art..yep I was the arty one ;)

Love this little glimpse into Jules land, thanks hon and what a crack up the second last pic is....

xoxox DJ

David Toms said...

Jules, I wish I could write my life story as interestingly as yours!!

Australia is wonderful, miss it terribly since moving to Canada,how I envy you!

HilaryInspired said...

Hello Jules!

So nice to meet you and learn a bit about your life. I definitely enjoy the idea that the biggest and best twist is just around the corner. :-)

I'm actually sharing today's Blog Crawl schedule with you over at Hilary Inspired. (www.hilaryinspired.com) I would love to invite you to stop by when you get a chance!

Take care,

heather jenkinson said...

Yes, I'm with Kerri, too! You write so well and it was a real treat to learn more about you - your boys are gorgeous. I'll bet you're a fun parent!

Have a super lovely weekend.

Danielle said...

Great post...you stepped out of your comfort zone very nicely!! Loved reading about you and discovering your wonderful blog!

Splendid Willow said...

Jules, I truly enjoyed getting to know you better. I already like your "style" and eye for great design. Now I also like your attitude and your life priorities. And your boys are SO handsome!


ox, Mon

mise said...

It's great to learn more about you, Jules! Your boys look like wonderful fellows and I'm very admiring that you manage to get as much done as you clearly do.

Brandi said...

Jules, this post was fantastic. I love getting to know more about you. I totally admire your attitude about life -- so often people forget that it's the path that makes us and that makes life so exciting rather than the destinations. Your boys are so handsome and they're quite lucky to have such a fantastically talented mother.

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