Dressed Up

I love the muted grey, beige, and blue palette of this house. The softness dressed up with a cool art collection and modern accents makes for a really easy to live with home.

Images from style at home


Dustjacket Attic said...

Gee, I had to flick over that first one real quick in case someone came in!!

I love love the kitchen one, it's so cool and understated.

Have a fab weekend hon,

Splenidid Willow said...

Sigh, and sigh some more... Love that dining nook (imagine that area in the evening) and I am so ready to start a collection of pottery in just one color. Those black vessels look divine.

Happy weekend to you, Jules!

ox, Mon

A-M said...

Oh I love the little pops of blue.. they make it... coming from a blue girl. A-M xx

Tina said...

This could be my perfect home!! I love everything, esp that kitchen:) Thanks for sharing Jules. Have a fab weekend ~ Tina x

Brandi said...

I would love to sneak into this place and steal that blue sofa. Sadly, I don't think I could hide it under my coat. It's just so beautiful.

Have a brilliant weekend, Jules!

mise said...

The kitchen is especially stunning, and the beautiful jewel pastels of those stained glass panels in the living room.

Lady Grey said...

I love the subtle colours in this home, just gorgeous!

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